“I Don’t Like It Anymore”

On the heels of the resignation of former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the New York Times published an editorial that was less than friendly toward Carney and the White House.

In the Times opinion piece, The Times called Carney a “moron” and an “entitled, self-absorbed, arrogant, narcissistic, arrogant liar.”

The editorial was published at the same time that the Times published a piece titled “I Am Not a Trump Supporter,” which criticized Trump’s behavior in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

While The Times did not specifically call out Trump, it made clear that Carney was no longer the person who was in charge of the administration.

In an op-ed piece, the Times editorial board argued that the administration was in a crisis.

It stated that Trump had made “mistakes and mistakes and mistakes” and that his presidency had become more chaotic.

However, The New York Daily News and other conservative outlets that support Trump also took issue with the editorial, calling it “despicable” and “offensive.”

The Daily News editorial board wrote that Trump’s administration has not been able to achieve “any of its goals” and noted that the media was “blatantly complicit in this failure.”

The Times editorial did not name any of the outlets that wrote about the editorial but did not hold back in its criticism of the Times.

“The Times’ editorial is deplorable, it’s ugly, it goes against everything we hold dear as Americans, and it should be condemned,” wrote The Times’ Editorial Board.

“It has the effect of reminding the president that he cannot be trusted, that his actions have consequences, that we should not be cowed by his incompetence and lack of competence.”

The editors went on to criticize the administration for the “unusual” timing of its resignation, saying that it came just two days after the White Senate was forced to remove the administration from the National Security Council after the president fired FBI Director James Comey.

“We have lost a man who will never work again in the White Trump administration,” The Times wrote.

“That’s what you get when you get rid of a president who thinks that he can fix everything himself.

It’s not the president’s fault, but his responsibility.

His resignation was a necessary step, and he should not have resigned.”