Lash studio to unveil 3-D virtual reality glasses that will give users ‘virtual reality-like’ experience

Lash Studio, the virtual reality headset manufacturer, is expected to reveal new 3-d glasses for its users in the coming weeks.

While the company is already working on a headset with the Oculus Rift, which was recently launched, Lash Studio’s headset is being made for virtual reality headsets, with a price tag of Rs 4,500 ($5,000) for the $399 (about £3,800).

Users will need to be able to wear their VR headsets in three-dimensional space to experience the virtual world.

Lash Studio says that the glasses are meant to be worn over the eyes, so that users are not forced to look away from the screen, which means that the wearer’s eyes will not get blocked by the virtual environment.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Rajesh Mishra, says the headset is “designed to be used in three dimensions for comfortable, immersive, and immersive experiences.”

The company will also offer a virtual reality-inspired glasses for $1,299 ($1,995).

“We are excited to unveil the Lash Studio 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

This headset will give you a virtual-reality experience with three dimensions of space and interactivity that you can’t find anywhere else,” Mishra said.

The virtual reality goggles will feature a special visor that is meant to give users the “virtual reality” feel, he added.

Lash Studio’s CEO says the company will offer three different versions of the headset.

The first one will be made of three different materials, with the most expensive offering having a frame that is “as thick as a human skull” and will have a diameter of 6 inches (17cm).

The second will be a lighter version with a frame of 5 inches (15cm) and a thickness of 2.5 inches (6cm).

The third version will be an “anodised aluminum alloy”, which is the same material that the company used to build the Oculus VR headset.

The glasses are said to be made from a new polymer material that is a “new type of flexible polymer”, called “anode-substrate polymers”.

It has a “strong, high-quality, water repellency”, Mishra added.