‘The biggest and best’ for new dance studio

Max Studio is the best dance studio in the world, according to the world’s top DJ magazine.Read more article MaxStudio.com founder, Mark Oakes, is confident the online bible is the one to go for.The online bible, published in June 2018, was one of the top 10 most influential titles in the business of dance music, […]

Why does it cost more to use a skin cream?

After being offered the option of using an oil-based cleanser or a facial oil, most women have opted for a cream cleanser.While many of us may be more inclined to choose the oil-free option, acne specialists have been saying for a long time that a cream product with the right ingredients and consistency is worth […]

A new wave of films to come out in 2018

In the year 2020, you’ll see a new wave emerging on the global film scene, with more films coming out every year.Here are the 10 films that are most likely to be coming out in the coming year.1.The Night of the Hunter by Brian O’Halloran2.A Thousand and One Nights by Alexey Fedorov3.The Devil’s Advocate by […]

What are the major blockchain companies?

Blockchain companies like Chain and BitFury have been dominating the crypto space lately, and now we’re getting a bit more information on their actual products and the potential they can bring to the blockchain industry.The Blockchain World Report 2016, a blockchain technology report published by Blockchain Intelligence in 2016, is the latest to be released […]

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