Which Fallout 4 character should you root for in Fallout 4?

Bethesda Game Studios, the studio behind Fallout 4, has just released a Fallout 4 gameplay trailer that’s definitely not a parody of the series.

In the trailer, we get a peek at a number of characters, including two of the four main protagonists in the Fallout universe.

The trailer ends with a teaser, which reads, “The real fun begins in the Wasteland!”

It ends with two characters, who are shown running through a forest, one of whom is wielding a shovel.

The video has been seen by a lot of people, and some of the reactions are even more hilarious than we expected.

Many are saying it’s an homage to Fallout 3 and 4, which were released in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

However, there’s a problem.

Bethesda Games Studios, along with Bethesda Softworks, has released several other Fallout 4 titles since the first one was released in 2013.

This is not a real parody, and the trailer’s creators are not fans of Fallout 4.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Do you think it’s a parody?

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