Bethesda to launch Universal Studios rides for £1,000 in the UK

By Steve Jones, BBC Sport UKUniversal Studios has a history of breaking down barriers, and this year is no different.

The UK-based company is taking on a role as the UK’s premier destination for its Universal Studios attractions, and it is offering the chance to rent a ride at the Universal Studios London property for a mere £1.50.

Universal Studios UK’s attractions are based at the London site of Universal Studios, and offer a wide range of entertainment, from theme parks to theme parks and even the occasional roller coaster.

Universal’s Universal Studios Paris is the UK park’s only attraction to have been built in-house.

Universal has a huge track record with Universal Studios in the US, with more than a hundred rides based there.

Universal is offering Universal Studios Britain a similar offer, and its theme park has a similar history.

The UK-themed Universal Studios Universal Parks is expected to open in the summer of 2020, and Universal’s attractions will be available in the first half of 2021.

“We have a long and rich history of building world-class attractions, both here and around the world, and we are delighted to be partnering with Universal on Universal Studios Wales and Universal Studios Ireland to deliver our new Universal Studios attraction offering,” said Steve Jones from Universal Studios.

“In partnership with Universal, Universal Studios is bringing together a range of iconic brands and attractions to create a new global destination that will be a great fit for Universal Studios’ world-leading theme park brand and theme park experience.”

In the UK, Universal will offer Universal Studios Europe the same Universal Studios theme park offering as Universal Studios Los Angeles, Universal Pictures Universal Studios and Universal UK.

It is also expected to have a Universal Studios Australia park in the near future.

The theme park will be run by Universal Studios Entertainment UK, which will operate as Universal Parks London and Universal Orlando theme parks.

The ride is available to rent in London from the start of February.

“The UK is the world’s leading destination for Universal’s theme parks, and will be the perfect platform to deliver an exciting new attraction experience,” said Jim Whelan, President of Universal Parks UK.

“This partnership with British Universal Studios will ensure that the Universal Parks in Wales, Ireland, and the UK can all deliver a great Universal Studios experience in the coming years.”

“Universal Studios UK will create a world-first Universal Studios park in Wales and Ireland, which is also a great platform to bring together a fantastic Universal parks experience in Wales with a Universal parks theme park in Ireland,” added Mr Whelant.

Universal Parks Wales and the Universal Universal Parks Ireland theme parks are also set to be opened in the next few months.

Universal Universal parks are based in London, Paris and Tokyo.