How do you tell the difference between a good and a great Star Wars game?

IGN: How do I tell the different kinds of Star Wars games?

A lot of them come from a really specific place.

Some of them are really big, like The Force Unleashed or Knights of the Old Republic, or some of them really small, like the first two games.

There are some that are really small and really great, and some of those are just really, really great.

What’s interesting about that is there are a lot of games that have been really successful and they’ve been on platforms that have had success, but they’re just not the ones that are actually the best, or that they’re the ones people play.

We’re really interested in what you guys do and what you do well and what we see in your games, and how do you balance it.

What we do with Star Wars is, as we talk about it, we want to build the best game possible and have a good team of developers who have worked on it.

So we have a bunch of people who are very, very dedicated to the game.

So what we try to do is create something that we can all be proud of.

What I love about Star Wars: The Old Republic is that it’s really fun to play.

It’s a really fun game.

It has so many different mechanics.

There’s a lot going on, and I think that’s really important for us to be able to tell that story.

What Star Wars has been doing with The Force Awakens is that they’ve taken a big franchise and they’re building it on the foundation of a big Star Wars story.

So they’ve really taken the characters and made them into this great new world.

We think that Star Wars really captures the essence of what makes Star Wars special.

You can really play the game as a fan of the original movies, or you can play it as a new player who hasn’t played any of the movies.

There is this incredible sense of adventure and discovery.

You’re in this world, and it’s a little different from your regular game.

What you do in the game is pretty much the same as in the movies, so what you’re doing is kind of a game about the movies but with this new world of Star Trek.

You’ve got to go through a lot more to get to that world and do some of these cool things.

We want you to go out there and play the games you’ve always wanted to play, and you’re going to get some great stuff, because we’re always making games that you want to play and that you’ll enjoy.

So I think Star Wars and The Force is a really, truly great game.

And there are games that I would say are really great on the platform.

I think there are some games that are very good on the consoles, but then there are those that are just amazing on the PC, and that’s just a matter of what platform people play it on.

So Star Wars on the Xbox One, for example, has a lot in common with The Last Jedi on the PlayStation 4, but it’s also a little bit more open-ended.

So that means it has more freedom to be as exciting and open-world as it wants to be.

And it’s all really well-written.

You have a very detailed universe.

You know exactly what you are doing in the world and where you’re heading and who is in your party.

There isn’t this sense of, “Oh, I’m going to be a Jedi and this is my job.”

That’s kind of how you’re supposed to play it.

And when you’re playing a Star Wars title on the console, there is a sense of excitement.

You see what is happening and you know who you are, and where the next thing is going to take you.

There aren’t a lot that feel like “Oh my God, this is going on in a big galaxy.”

You’re not playing a big battle in a huge galaxy, or a giant battle in an enormous galaxy.

And that’s a big part of what I love.

It gives you this sense that this is a huge place, and this isn’t just an adventure.

There have to be really good storytelling and great characters.

There has to be the ability to make this huge universe feel really alive and alive and believable, and really open and engaging and open.

I would love to see more of that.

We love Star Wars, and we love the story, and the characters, and all the characters.

But you have to feel like it’s alive and living.

I can’t talk to you guys on the platforms, but I really love that feeling.

The Last of Us was a great example.

It had this really good story and it had this great gameplay, and then there was this feeling that the world wasn’t really living.

It wasn’t actually going anywhere, and people weren’t really doing anything.

So it felt really real and that kind of got us excited.

What do you