How to be a designer: 3 tips from a famous designer

Designers are the most talented people on the planet, but they also face challenges and pressures that they’re not necessarily prepared for, according to a new book.

The authors, who have worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, are calling for designers to be more proactive, mindful of how they’re perceived and to embrace their individuality.

The authors, including award-winning illustrator and illustrator of the hit TV show The West Wing, The West, and the upcoming movie adaptation of the best-selling novel by Stephen King, have compiled a list of advice that they believe designers should take away from their own experience as designers to better prepare them for what lies ahead.

Here are their three biggest takeaways:1.

Designers need to be themselves.

This can be as simple as choosing a style or a brand, but it can also include taking a look at yourself in a new light.

For example, it’s not enough to make something cool, you need to have your own unique style, according the authors.2.

You’re not alone in your struggles.

This is something the authors stress that the best way to survive as a designer is to understand and accept that you may struggle, but you also have to fight for your dreams.

For them, this includes working in a team and taking pride in your work.3.

You should always look for opportunities to do more.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities in the world of design to take your skills to the next level, including working on more creative projects, collaborating with other designers, or even creating your own designs.

Designers also need to understand that design isn’t just a job.

“We can design for ourselves and we can design to our hearts’ content,” the authors said.

“But we can also design for people, because we’re a community of people.”

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