Why Warner Brothers Studios is planning to make the world’s biggest movie –

Warner Brothers Studio in Los Angeles is working on a film based on the life of Robert Warner, the founder of the Warner Brothers film studio. 

In a statement, Warner Bros said it had acquired the film rights to a story about the legendary producer, whose life has been “transformed by the arrival of new technology and a changing media landscape”. 

“The film will explore the legacy of Robert’s impact on Hollywood, from his groundbreaking film production techniques to the creation of Warner Brothers and his legacy as an innovator, entrepreneur, and champion of the American dream,” the studio said.

The film is to be produced by the film studio’s own production company, but will be shot on the Warner Bros set.

Warner Brothers has previously made films based on Warner Brothers’ works including Warner Bros. The Wizard of Oz and The Wizard Of Oz: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit are among the films that have been adapted by Warner Brothers. 

Warner Bros said in a statement it would “continue to explore and develop new film ideas” for its own films and to explore the opportunities for the company to bring its own original films to the big screen.

“We look forward to developing this film in partnership with Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers Animation, and Warner Brothers Entertainment, and we’re confident in the long-term success of this partnership,” it said. 

The project is expected to be in production for the next few years, with the film scheduled to be released in 2019.