Facebook creators get a new generation of tools

The creators of Facebook’s original creators app have received a new toolset that lets them create more ambitious stories.

The company’s creators app, created in 2014, has been downloaded more than 8 million times and has been used by more than 12 million people since its launch.

The company has since released several updates to it, including one last week that brought the ability to create stories using Facebook’s existing content management system (CMS).

This new feature comes at a time when creators are trying to expand their reach beyond their own personal pages.

The new Facebook creators toolset has been announced alongside Facebook’s first-ever collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts, a project that aims to promote and support the arts in underserved communities.

This new toolkit, known as a collaboration, allows creators to build the same stories they’ve built in the Facebook app and then integrate that into Facebook’s content management platform, which is part of Facebook Messenger.

The news comes as Facebook continues to grapple with growing pains with the app’s monetization and engagement, with recent ads appearing in news feeds and ads appearing to target users based on how they are using the app.

The app has also struggled to find its feet as a platform for its creators to express themselves and share their stories.

To help with that, Facebook is making a number of changes to the way its creators toolkit is built.

The new tool is available to anyone who owns a Facebook app.

It also allows creators of original content to share their own stories, which will then appear in a new section in the creators app that shows stories created by users who are subscribed to the app or who have liked the page.

“It’s like a brand new platform,” said Facebook COO Alex Stamos during an investor conference in New York City on Tuesday.

“This new tool allows us to deliver better content for creators.”

This new feature will allow creators to share more content in a way that makes it more easy for people to consume it.

And it will also help them keep up with the speed at which they can build their content, Stamos said.

This means that when people are ready to see more of their stories in their feeds, Stamkos said, the app will automatically show them stories from creators that have previously been featured.

It will also let users subscribe to a curated list of stories from these creators.

Stamos added that Facebook will also use the new tool to create new stories that will be shared to people’s feeds.

The first creators app update also comes on the heels of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing that the company will begin to integrate more of its own content management systems (CMs) into Messenger, a feature that allows users to manage their personal and social media accounts with ease.

This will also make it easier for creators to monetize their content and improve its reach.

“The way that people interact with us is going to change, and it’s a lot more complicated than it was,” Stamos told investors on Tuesday, noting that he is confident that Facebook is going in the right direction with the new tools.