How to make a portrait of yourself with a smartphone

An Israeli portrait studio is offering a free tutorial on how to make the ultimate portrait of oneself on your smartphone using the app Portrait Studio.

Asvab’s creator, Aydan Asvab, told The Jerusalem Report that the app has been around for years, but it is only recently that he has been able to bring it to the masses.

“This is a tool that has been in existence for a long time and it is still not widely used,” he said.

“When we were developing the app, the only thing that I wanted to do was make portraits for myself.”

Asvub is using Portrait as a tool for capturing portraits of friends and family, for his own self-portraits, and for portraits for friends and relatives.

As Vavab explains on his website, it is possible to use a variety of tools to make these photos.

He said the app was developed to provide the ability to make beautiful portraits with your smartphone.

He said it was originally developed to make portraits of the family and friends of friends, but after he met with a portrait photographer in the United States, he realized he had a lot of potential.

He told The Report that his own family has been using the program for years.

He says his family and a number of other friends have used the app to make their portraits, and they are extremely satisfied with their work.

Asavab explained that Portrait allows him to capture portraits of himself in his living room, with the assistance of a digital camera.

As he says, the app’s interface is quite easy to use.

He explained that if you want to capture a portrait on your phone, you can set up the camera, choose your subject, and then choose the focus of the portrait.

As the user enters the image and the camera focus, you will be taken to a section that is divided into several parts.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the first section contains the subject, while the second section shows the portraits the subject is wearing.

You can then use the app for other purposes.

As is typical of digital photo editing tools, the program offers a few customization options, as well.

You can add backgrounds, and change the color of the background.

You also can adjust the brightness of the photos.

You could also use the program to change the size of the image.

As you can probably guess from the name, the Portrait app is free to download.

You are not required to purchase the app if you do not want to.

As with other apps, Asvub recommends using Portraits to capture pictures of people and family for personal use.

As it can be hard to choose the best photos to use, Asvarab said the Portraits app offers a number options.

He noted that there are other apps for that, like the app IAm the World.

But the most important aspect of Portrait is its ability to capture the moment.

When the app is open, you are free to move around, which makes the app very versatile.

As Asvavab said he is excited to see the success of Portraits in the coming years.

“It has always been an open project for me.

And now, with its popularity, the users are starting to see that this is a great tool for personal and family use,” he explained.

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