‘Sugar Daddy’ director says ‘It’s a movie about relationships’

By DAVID FLETCHER Reporter The Associated Press Writer Associated Press writer Mike Ditka, in a rare interview with USA TODAY, discusses the making of his new film Sugar Daddy, which opens Friday.

It’s an intimate, intimate story, but I can’t imagine that any of us who are working on it will be able to get to that point.

And then, of course, the next part, which is what we’ve talked about in the past, which has to be intimate and personal, is that you have to be in love.

That’s what Sugar Daddy is about.

And it’s a very personal story.

It’s also a movie.

So it’s going to be really intimate.

And I can say that this is the first movie that I’ve ever done that’s been told in this way.

You can’t do a movie like that with any other format.

But the fact that it’s been shot in the style of a romantic drama, and the fact I love it when I do it, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite a long time.

It wasn’t something I really thought I was going to get.

And that’s what makes Sugar Daddy so exciting, is when you’ve got a director like this who has a sense of humor and a sense that he can make a film that is really personal and very emotional.

I’m always struck by how much you can do in an intimate situation with the right set of people.

And the director’s in the right place.

You know, when I saw the movie, I thought it was very beautiful.

I loved the movie and I love the story.

And, of that, I’ll leave to your imagination.

The way he shot it, in the way that he wrote it, it’s very cinematic.

I mean, it has the look of a film about relationships.

It has a very sensual feel to it.

And in the beginning, it seems to me, to have a movie that’s not too dramatic, that has a sensual feeling to it, that’s something that you can have a little bit of a laugh at and not get too mad at, that makes it really, really good.

But it also has a feeling that, you know, you’ve seen it, you can see the end result of it.

That it’s all right with the movie.

And so I’m very proud of that.

And you can’t get a film like that without being able to be the most passionate and emotionally honest person you possibly can be in this situation.

And he’s very good at that.

You’ll see what happens when you try to make that happen.

And of course we can always have a laugh.

But you know what?

You can do that with a movie in which you’re going to have to have very, very close relationships.

And when I shot the movie in my apartment with my family and I was doing all of this, I was very conscious of the fact this is an intimate movie.

There are some really important parts that are going to happen.

The fact that I’m in love with this woman is going to change the film.

You are going have to see this film.

But this is a very intimate movie, so it’s also very, extremely intimate.

It takes a very strong team of actors.

There’s a great cast.

It really is a story of a relationship.

And if you look at the end, you see how the story ends.

And there’s a lot of moments that you feel the connection to the other person, and there’s some of them that are very, truly intimate.

There will be some that you’re just going to laugh at.

And a lot will be funny, but there will also be moments where you’ll cry and you’ll be emotional and you’re in love, and that’s really going to make you feel good about yourself.

It makes you feel like a real person, like you’re a human being.

And sometimes that will feel a little too much, but that’s okay.

You’ve just got to be patient and know that you don’t have to cry or you have too much to cry about.

You’re going through a really hard time and you have a lot to deal with.

But at the same time, I don’t think that that will ever be a part of the story of the film that you see on screen.

You have to watch the film to understand what happened to the characters and what happens to them.

But there are a lot that I think are very important.

You see some of the characters, for instance, who you can say are very emotional and that are not in control of the situation.

You don’t know if you’re having a great day or if you need help.

And they’re all very vulnerable, you’re watching them suffer, and they’re watching their own relationships with each other.

And their own relationship is going through some very, you may be watching the