What To Do When Your Video Game Career Is Over

When you’re on the cusp of your big break, it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do next.

It can feel like your game career is at a crossroads, and you’re unsure of how to approach it.

But, luckily, there’s one simple thing that you can do right now to give yourself a little bit of breathing room and ease the pressure.1.

Take a break.

You’re already getting a little burned out, and the exhaustion and stress is already affecting your game development workflow.

But take a break, sit down, and relax.2.

Take some time to get comfortable.

Take the time to unwind, stretch, or take a walk.

Even just walking for a few minutes is a great way to get your body and mind used to relaxing.3.


Practice makes perfect.

Take time to practice your game art, your sound design, your AI, and even your story and voice acting.4.

Play again.

You may be a long way from your game’s release date, but the fun of playing your game again will give you the strength to keep going.