What’s the difference between a studio monitor stand and a stand with a stand?

On Thursday, TechCrunch reported that Sony will be adding a stand-mounted monitor to the PS4 lineup.

The stand-mount monitor stands will be available for preorder starting on April 4 and will be priced at $299 for the basic stand-up stand model and $349 for the premium stand-ups.

The first monitor stand will be sold out before the end of the month, according to the report.

The monitors will feature a 6K resolution (60Hz) and 1080p resolution (3840×2160).

The monitor stands have been available for a while, with a pair of stand-enabled monitors selling for $149 in March. 

The new monitors come in three sizes: the standard model, the stand-supported model, and the stand mounted model.

Each model is priced at between $199 and $499 for the base model and between $299 and $449 for the stand supported model.

The standard model comes with a standard stand and an optional stand.

The new stand-based models will be offered in the US on April 15 and in Canada on April 23.

The $399 stand-equipped model will be made available worldwide, with other territories to follow.

The stand-powered model is currently available for purchase in Europe and the UK.

The other monitor models in the series are currently available in the United Kingdom and Canada, but Sony has not announced any plans for other territories.