New album by ghiblisch studio Ghibli

A new album by the animated studio glimmerbox is set to be released on September 17, 2017, according to reports from the German publication Der Spiegel.The band, who are members of the German duo Glimmer Box, were previously known for their work with the anime studio Studio Ghiblis.The new album, titled Glimberbox, will feature an […]

Which studios are currently recording for TV?

The studios that record music for television are changing and are likely to get more studios over the next few years.A major shift is coming to the recording studios. “There’s definitely going to be a lot more studios,” said Mike Lydon, an analyst with S&P Global Market Intelligence.“You have to look at the new technology and […]

‘We are not your parents’

‘We Are Not Your Parents’ is a viral film about the journey of a girl who grew up in the city of Mysore and became a celebrity after her family moved there from Kerala.‘Our mother died when I was four, but we still went to her funeral and we were there in full force.I was […]

How to improve your social skills with Chegg study

Chegg has created a new social test that allows users to see how well they’re communicating with others online.The social test has been created to help students better understand how to effectively communicate with others through social media.Students can select their words to be used in their sentences and how to communicate with other users […]

What Google’s data studio will be doing next

r studio is the data studio that Google is now building its next big thing: Google Data Studio.Google has a huge data collection operation, and Google Data Studios is the studio that it’s building.Google’s goal is to collect a billion datasets in the next few years and make them open and free for anyone to […]