Why do most of us still wear glasses?

With the Olympics just around the corner, the NHL’s media relations department decided to do a study on how people view different types of glasses and lenses.The results?A lot of us have the same vision, the majority of us wear them for recreation and as a reminder of what it means to be a professional […]

When are you going to release your own TV show?

Now Playing: Apple is testing a streaming service that could allow people to watch live TV from their phones Now Playing:’Apple Watch will be available in 20 markets next year, CEO says Now Playing’ – Apple CEO, talks to US mediaNow Playing: Amazon Prime Video hits 40 million subscribersNow Playing:’Amazon Prime Video has surpassed 400 […]

How to use the visual studio 2017 preview tool

Visual studio 2017 is available for preview and download now, with previews of the new Visual Studio tools and their integration with the new APIs.The new APIs bring a whole new set of capabilities, from advanced programming features to better rendering, to new ways to manage project dependencies, and more.The Visual Studio 2017 preview also […]