When you need a new way to store data for your business

A new cloud-based management system has been developed by a startup that’s focused on helping small businesses and businesses with small budgets manage their digital assets.The company, called SQL Management Studio, is based on an open-source technology called Azure SQL Database, or Azure SQL for short.It was developed to help small businesses keep track of […]

How to read fiction as a double blind study

In a double-blind study, a book’s title, synopsis and synopsis of its author are read aloud before the participants read a novel.The author can only have one participant read the first part of the novel and then read the second part in front of the other two.“It was really exciting and I think a lot […]

How Bible study tools can save lives

The Bible study tool Helix is one of a number of tools available to help save lives.A video on the company’s website says it can help people who suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD, as well as those struggling with addiction.But what’s most important about the tool is its accuracy and how much of a […]