Which movie theater is best for watching a movie in?

The answer may surprise you.Which movie theaters are best for listening to a movie, for example?Which theaters are better for watching video games?And which are best at watching a lot of movies?In this article, we’ll explore which movie theaters can make you fall in love with movies.You can also read about the best video game […]

How to turn an Android app into a killer app

Google has been working on its next generation of its Android software for some time now, and with the release of Android 4.4 KitKat it has finally been able to bring this up to speed.However, the company hasn’t yet unveiled its Android app for the home, and this is where it has been missing for […]

How to learn the best study bible for a new job

The best study books for the digital age are almost all out there, but what to read before going into the real world is a question most students never ask themselves.It’s not always easy to find the right study bible to help you understand the concepts you’ll need to understand in the job market, but […]

Why you’re getting Sling TV instead of PlayStation Vue

You’re paying more for a subscription to a streaming service than you did with cable.That’s because of the difference in how Sling, PlayStation Vues, and other streaming services are structured.Sling is an entertainment service, while PlayStation Vuses is a streaming platform.PlayStation VUs is a subscription service and PlayStation Vus is a TV service.The difference is […]

What the hell is AirPods?

Posted January 24, 2019 09:00:31Today’s announcement was one of many announcements from Apple, Google, and other tech companies in recent weeks, all of which focus on the AirPod headset.Apple is offering the AirPod as a standalone headset for $159.99, Google will be launching a $199 standalone AirPod with an app, and Microsoft is adding an […]