New album by ghiblisch studio Ghibli

A new album by the animated studio glimmerbox is set to be released on September 17, 2017, according to reports from the German publication Der Spiegel.The band, who are members of the German duo Glimmer Box, were previously known for their work with the anime studio Studio Ghiblis.The new album, titled Glimberbox, will feature an […]

How to study music with the free Ghibli app

A new study suggests that the iPad is the perfect device for studying music.The researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who presented their findings on Tuesday at the IEEE International Conference on Human Factors and Systems Engineering, said that the tablet allows users to study the music more quickly than traditional computers and smartphones.Using their […]

What are the major blockchain companies?

Blockchain companies like Chain and BitFury have been dominating the crypto space lately, and now we’re getting a bit more information on their actual products and the potential they can bring to the blockchain industry.The Blockchain World Report 2016, a blockchain technology report published by Blockchain Intelligence in 2016, is the latest to be released […]